The Wizard is the Mystic specialist class for using Psionics. Every Psionics damage Art uses either the Maul or Pierce damage types, this means they get two damage increases from this class.

Name Effect Requirement

[Psionics] +1
Skill [Esoteric]

INT 41
Expert Wizard

[Psionics] +1
Skill [Esoteric]

INT 43
Adept Wizard

[Psionics] +2
[Maul] +1
Skill [Esoteric]

INT 45
Master Wizard

[Psionics] +3
[Maul] +1
[Pierce] +1
Skill [Esoteric]

INT 47
Lordly Wizard

[Psionics] +4
[Maul] +2
[Pierce] +1
Skill [Esoteric]

INT 50
Legendary Wizard

[Psionics] +5
[Maul] +3
[Pierce] +2
Skill [Esoteric]

INT 54

How to Obtain:
This class is a straight upgrade from the Mystic classes for characters using Psionics. Getting this class from Combat types requires either INT significance, or Mystic only skill group significance.

Upgrade Options:
The next Rank of the Mystic classes requires three Mystic skills to be developed:

  • Sage: highest Mystic skill is Hexes and at least 3 Mystic skills trained to level 7+, INT47+
  • Thaumaturge: highest Mystic skill is Invocations or Evocations and at least 3 Mystic skills trained to level 7+, INT47+

Failing to meet those requirements, there are other Mystic classes:

Since Mystics are already established as significant, developing another skill group will open up these options (PC only):

Item-related classes are also an option:

Item + Combat (PC only)

Going to the other side of the spectrum, Combat classes are an option, but will require extensive grinding:

  • Guardian: requires Item>Mystic, One-Handed 13 or Power Grip 13 or Two-Handed 13, Herbs 6 or Lotions 6, STR47+. Weapons and Wield Style will have to be trained to become the only significant skill before meeting the Item requirement. On the X360, getting Items above Mystics is all that's needed.
  • Gladiator: requires Mystic>Item, Power Grip 16, highest Mystic skill is Wards, STR53+. X360 requirements are more lax, requiring only Mystic>Item.
  • Ordainer: requires Item/Mystic balance, all Weapon Types level 19+, STR59+
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