Client: Old-Fashioned Woman (Glenys)
Location: Nagapur - Nordenalm, Pub Drachenbauch


After David's meeting in Nagapur.

Quest DetailsEdit

Glenys searches for an ancient weapon art. You will be transported to Dillmoor and given the Plateau Key. Glenys joins as a guest union.

PC - Please note the PC Ultimate Grind, which requires you do not complete the quest.

PC - *BUG ALERT* Whenever you get to the elevator that brings you down to the Lower Central Region, there might be a Vulture that you cannot engage jamming the elevator. The only way to get rid of this is to exit Aveclyff and restart the quest. If the lift doesn't fix itself through reloading the quest, see the talk page for a possible solution.

Mrdiggs icon A Mr. Diggs Morsel is at the bottom level of Aveclyff between location B-1 & C-1.


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Quest LogEdit

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