This page is mostly for the X360 version of the game. Since leaders don't request any equipment outside their current upgrade path, their upgrades are very simple. Some points are still applicable for the PC version

Notes[edit | edit source]

This is only a general indication of the outcome weapon tree. Other factors might have an effect of the outcome and the exact way how this works is unknown.

The following are confirmed:

  • Using art types that contradict the chosen focus may change the final focus.
  • After confirming a focus, the unit is set to that focus and the previous one is still an option to shift back into.
  • All strength upgrades (+1, +2, ...) will be lost when an "illegal upgrade" (one where no direct upgrade exists between the two weapons) is used.
  • PC: Affects which pieces of equipment they can and cannot request. Some equipment have a focus attached to them.

Some unknown factors:

  • If you went different route both times when they asked during the game.
  • Potential bugs. Eg: When Torgal asks for the Leraje Princeps, it locks him out of upgrading that slot for the rest of the game.

How it works - Xbox360[edit | edit source]

All soldiers and leaders will upgrade their weapon at a target Battle Rank using the components and gold obtained.

  • If enough components and gold, then upgrade at the target BR.
  • If not enough components but have extra gold, then they will buy the missing components upon entering a town and upgrade at the target BR.
  • If not enough components and gold, then the unit will sell the equipment to buy components and upgrade at the target BR.
  • If still not enough gold after equipment has been sold, then they will borrow money to upgrade at a later BR and gold falls to 0g. This forced upgrade depends on the type of unit: BR+6 if a leader, BR+8 if a soldier.
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