Reinforced to the second order. Slash

Disassembles for 3,825g
Platinum Ore x1 Dull Sword x1 Emerald Crystal x2

Upgrades to Divine Broadsword for 124,800g
Mystic Skelenyte x1 Blacksteel Ore x1 Colossus Skull x2
Upgrades to Draconile Broadsword for 100,800g
Dragonicle Ore x1 Colossus Skull x2 Tanned War Dragon Hide x2
Upgrades to Prismic Broadsword for 140,800g
Meller Crystal x1 Evil Fenris Eye x2 Coiled Vile Lizard Scale x8
Upgrades to Bluesteel for 30,240g
Necrotic Metal x1 Giant Shellfly Scalp x2 Thin Phantom Wing x2

  Basic Customization

Upgrades to Bluesteel for 25,200g
Weapon Recipe 57 x1 Necrotic Metal x1 Thin Phantom Wing x3

  Unlocked by acquiring the Weapon Recipe 57 x1 (permanent).

Upgrades to Steelwind for 83,160g
Dragonicle Ore x1 Rough Dwarven Stone x1 Oculus Tissue x3
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