Vergil's Armory is located in Athlum - Xiphos Way

New items will be added to the shop as you progress through the game.

New Trade Goods are added to the shop as you sell more captured monsters, different items require different Commerce Points

Equipments[edit | edit source]

Item Price Availability
Sword Logo.png Longsword 8,000 After the meeting event at Nagapur
Katana Logo.png Katana 525 -
Axe Logo.png Francisca 550 -
Axe Logo.png Auld Francisca 346,500 After reached Undelwalt
Axe Logo.png Executioner 20,000 After Wyrmskeep
Mace Logo.png Striker 575 -
Mace Logo.png Auld Striker 362,250 After entering the The Sacred Lands
Spear Logo.png Lance 650 -
Staff Logo.png Cudgel 600 -
Shield Logo.png Kiteshield 500 -
Shield Logo.png Godshield 19,200 After Wyrmskeep

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Item Price Availability
Bracelet Logo.png Bracelet of Glazing 14,800 After entering Aqueducts
Belt Logo.png Belt of Glazing 17,200 After entering Aqueducts

Trade Goods[edit | edit source]

Item Price Availability
Katana Logo.png Otachi 540 Requires trade rank E in Equipment
Shield Logo.png Escutcheon 58,050 Requires trade rank B in Equipment
Sword Logo.png Runeblade 61,580 Requires trade rank S in Equipment
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