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For the hell of it I went dual-wield with Rush this time around to see what it takes to learn a WA on the main hand. I'm pretty positive a midsize weapon needs decent one-handed tree development from my results so far.

  • Main Hand - Nightbloom Virtutis + 1 / Off Hand - Parrying Tataraichi + 2
  • Nightbloom has Speed Modifier, Optimal/Parrying/Aura Tataraichi have Strength Modifier, Excellent Tataraichi has Speed Modifier.

I picked up on the change of modifier on the Tataraichi's because I was equipping 2 Excellent Tataraichis for a while and they modified my arts to Nimble. As soon as I got past 6 bases I upgraded them both to Optimal, then my higher rank dual wield arts which were at base still modified to Mighty all of a sudden. I modified the lower rank ones with Excellent and they all became Nimble. As soon as I equipped the Nightbloom Virtutis in my main hand, my strength modified arts all unlearnt their modifiers, but haven't had enough usage to go Swift yet. Acala's Wrath and Third Eye both went base (excellent) -> mighty (optimal/parrying) -> base (nightbloom).

My current combat arts are:

  • One-Handed: Nimble Knee Splitter IV, Nimble Cutting Lunge III, Blue Streak, Helm Split
  • Power Grip: Nimble Smash II
  • Dual-Wield: Nimble Devil's Due V, Nimble Bladedancer IV, Nimble Resonance Edge V, Acala's Wrath IV, Third Eye III, Spring Squall

I only recently changed my wield style back to one-handed because Rush didn't want to use any arts of my one-handed tree. All dual-wield upto Spring Squall alone haven't given me a Weapon Art for either weapon yet. I'll know soon enough when I learn Snowpetal/Swordflash if both those weapons arts require one-handed tree. Glenys is the same too, she uses power grip wield and at BR 70 she hasn't learnt Swordflash yet with an Optimal Tataraichi. Her usage of Power Grip should be enough for learning the WA if power grip tree was correct. Wyngale learns it fast with high quad-wield usage, so it is probably a one-handed tree Mitra need to learn it. With Torgal and Halphas Dominus which are midsize it seems that Dual Power Grip tree arts don't really help in learning Hawkarang WA. I only just got it for him after focusing my usage on Quad Wield arts in combat.

It took Torgal to learn Hawkarang the following:

  • Quad Wield: Nimble Quad Slice V, Nimble Four Winds IV, Nimble Slice & Dice IV, Swift Quadrille V
  • Dual Power Grip: Nimble Fury Blow V, Nimble Bonecrusher IV, Nimble Twin Gimlet II

As you can see Quad Wield usage is alot higher than Dual Power Grip which reflects learning Hawkarang. Using Dual PG arts just dragged out the time it took at learn it. Learnt it at BR67 or 68. Roughly same time I learnt Royal Rage with Baulson using an Optimal Naginata.

Soon as I have results I'll add them in. I just want to confirm 100% that midsize weapons which can be held in one hand require one-handed/quad wield trees to learn WA. Specific weapon usage may apply to all wield styles, or rather compound from all of them but there still needs to be a certain amount of focused usage on the wield style specific to the design of the weapon, to learn the weapons art.

Mikeyakame 15:54, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

I have the proof you need that it requires a specific wield style usage to learn a weapon art, now it's up to you to figure out which one needs which. Drake178 08:11, 17 June 2009 (UTC)

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