It seems that almost the entire wiki was copied completely about 45 days ago (26.Dec.11) onto another site. All categories, all images, all data, etc. There's even the category page containing all the blog posts written up until that point, but because the users don't exist on that site, the links don't go anywhere (actually, it's just a category page with text and no links to the blog posts). The site itself is rather unwieldy because there's no search bar specifically for that database. The search bar that's there is really for searching that entire network. Not all the formatting works either, so it's kinda funny seeing how the TOC for several pages (that I had to randomly stumble upon) is there, like the one for Formations and Classes, and it doesn't do anything. It's just text. Instead it has the TOC table at the upper left, which was what we used the __NOTOC__ code to get rid of in the first place. There's also a complete lack of collapsed headers on various leader pages for their upgrade requirements.

Really, it just looks like a cut-and-paste job. And some of the pages are now quite outdated since they've been edited since that date. A little surprised that a few very key pages are even missing. Like Rush's page.

I'm also really annoyed that they didn't even bother trying to change some of the stuff I've written to at least attempt to make it less like a copy job. Mostly concerned with the captions for some of the pics for the various Extra Arts. Also, those are my screenshots! I actually spent time making those from the raws I had recorded. Do you realize how time consuming the entire process was?! Triggering, recording, processing and uploading all that stuff... Not even a link back to the original wiki, although I suppose that's the point. Very annoyed.

If anyone's interested in looking at that wiki, it's not too hard to find it. Search "the last remnant wiki" on Google, looking for a URI that contains this: "" Since everything on the wiki is considered part of the Creative Commons, I don't think there's any point in complaining about the "stolen" content.