Been poking at Table 7B little by little, mostly because I don't quite understand some of the fields there. But I think I get what's going on with the OverLevelLimit field. It corresponds to the highest ER you will find against that particular unit, unless they already have a specified range based on a BR threshold. Mostly applies to rares, but there are a few instances that it may affect normal mobs, like in Aveclyff. No idea why though, might come up with a theory about it later. Won't be as messed up as the one concerning the Rotten Tears and why it drops Oculus stuff.

As mentioned a little while ago on my user page about finding the Dominator, ran a few encounters against it at varying BR levels. Not much to say since it's not exactly conclusive.

  • Base ER19~21
  • OverLevelLimit 47, AddMin 8, AddMax 12

Spit out these numbers:

  • 1~12 → 19~21
  • 13 → 22
  • 15 → 25
  • 47 → 47
  • 38 → 47 (-9, so encounter was still considered "equal")

At BR13, it's probably the AddMin property kicking in, adding 8~12 on top of the current BR. Rolled a 9 in that case. This means that... There's an HP value across the entire range, not punctuated like the other encounters. This is going to be a pain.

While I'm at it, might as well get the exact timings for when certain spawn sequences start appearing. It's listed in a certain fashion in the Tables and the Famitsu guide also gives when certain sequences appear/if a quest blocks rares from spawning.