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  • Zephyr135

    This is certainly annoying

    February 10, 2012 by Zephyr135

    It seems that almost the entire wiki was copied completely about 45 days ago (26.Dec.11) onto another site. All categories, all images, all data, etc. There's even the category page containing all the blog posts written up until that point, but because the users don't exist on that site, the links don't go anywhere (actually, it's just a category page with text and no links to the blog posts). The site itself is rather unwieldy because there's no search bar specifically for that database. The search bar that's there is really for searching that entire network. Not all the formatting works either, so it's kinda funny seeing how the TOC for several pages (that I had to randomly stumble upon) is there, like the one for Formations and Classes,…

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  • Zephyr135

    AGO Details

    December 18, 2011 by Zephyr135

    Since I felt like noting stuff down... Already knew ahead of time during the run that it was very likely unlikely for me to go over BR100 because of my play style (and possibly slightly neurotic behaviour towards certain things), so I should have planned their accessories better. In case I want to attempt it again. After all, my BR went up quite a few ranks from rare hunting.

    Some of the accessories don't match up with their weapon's focus. This is intentional as I would want the accessories' effects while combining it with the finalized focus for their weapon. Also, if there's more than one focus, it's because I'm allowing myself a little wiggle room with some of the units. A few mystic units can do just as well in any of the 3, but becaus…

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  • Zephyr135

    20.Nov.11 already...

    November 20, 2011 by Zephyr135

    Happy 3rd anniversary, LasRem!

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  • Zephyr135

    PC rare monster HP scaling

    November 16, 2011 by Zephyr135

    Been poking at Table 7B little by little, mostly because I don't quite understand some of the fields there. But I think I get what's going on with the OverLevelLimit field. It corresponds to the highest ER you will find against that particular unit, unless they already have a specified range based on a BR threshold. Mostly applies to rares, but there are a few instances that it may affect normal mobs, like in Aveclyff. No idea why though, might come up with a theory about it later. Won't be as messed up as the one concerning the Rotten Tears and why it drops Oculus stuff.

    As mentioned a little while ago on my user page about finding the Dominator, ran a few encounters against it at varying BR levels. Not much to say since it's not exactly con…

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  • Zephyr135

    Nagapur Soldiers

    • Anios - #55 - Wyrmskeep to 18 active units
    • Aiterra - #46 - Koenigsdorf to entering Undelwalt
    • Kurz - #8 - Wyrmskeep to 18 active units (before entering Undelwalt on PC?)
    • Curtis - #9 - 18 active units to Koenigsdorf (before entering Undelwalt on PC?)
    • Garatia - #21 - 18 active units to Koenigsdorf (no restriction on PC?)
    • Kimball - #10 - Koenigsdorf to entering Undelwalt
    • Zack - #45 - 18 active units to Koenigsdorf (no restriction on PC?)
    • Murtoff - #43 - Wyrmskeep to 18 active units (before entering Undelwalt on PC?)
    • Melamus - #44 - 18 active units to Koenigsdorf (before entering Undelwalt on PC?)
    • Morpheus - #22 - Koenigsdorf to entering Undelwalt
    • Linus - #10 - Koenigsdorf to entering Undelwalt
    • Jared - #23 - entering Undelwalt

    Order of Mel…

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