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    July 19, 2011 by Remnant13

    Wagram said that before humans (Mitra) even walked in the face of the earth Remnants maintained peace and harmony. but how could that be if Remnnants are unbound they'll trigger a Collapse which bring chaos. Maybe there where Guardians that keep them in check. although Remnant monsters doesn't cause a Collapse in fact they can even use other Remnants mainly Remnant Weapons.

    It is unknown why Remnants cause a Collapse and able to consume peoples minds. Maybe because that Remnant should be bound to maintain peace and Harmony.

    All Remnants are living creatures

    Category of Remnants (only my idea)

    • Remnant Warden - Possibly the first guardians of the Remnants taking the form of Mitra's or other species
    • Remnant Weapon - Remnants that look like Weapons …
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  • Remnant13

    My To Do List!

    July 17, 2011 by Remnant13

    Stuff that need to be added in this Wikia.

    • Umbermarici - Picture (New Version)
    • Schiavona - Picture (New Version)
    • Liafort - Picture & Info (About its Abilities) Liafort has little info.
    • Rubber Soul - Picture & Info (About its Abilities)
    • Dead Heart - Picture & Info (About its Abilities)
    • Flâchonelle - Picture & Info (About its Abilities)
    • Last Leaf (New Page) - Picture & Info (About its Abilities)
    • Remnant Tracker (New Page) - Picture & Info (About its Abilities)
    • Talisman (Rush)- Picture (CG)
    • Talisman (Irina) - Picture (CG)
    • Eye Patch - Picture (New Version)
    • John Aykes - Picture (New Version)
    • Marina Sykes - Picture
    • Oswald - Picture
    • Baron Nielson - Picture
    • Adding Voice Actors
    • Fixing Links from my renaming and creating new pages I think its done!
    • Adding compiled map png fo…
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  • Remnant13

    HD special arts

    June 27, 2011 by Remnant13

    I have yet to upload HD video of the Special Art due to the fact that its huge my Final Fight Video which lasted about 30 minute is 21 GB and the HD version of my Spacial Art is 7 GB which is ridiculously big to upload with my slow net, when you fullscreen this video its like your playing the game the quality is next to perfect. But I will upload the HD version of the Special Art maybe next week because every time I have class I stay at my fathers place its walking distance to my school and my father has a computer but has no video card so I can't do anything there.

    Which is a better venue in recording the Special art The Great Sand Sea or Mt. Vackel, Crookfen is nice but the plants there obscured the view and I'm not fighting dragons or Gi…

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  • Remnant13

    Hard-Mode Tips

    May 13, 2011 by Remnant13

    Well I already finished the game 4 times in one year and once in hard-mode and on my 5th play-through I'm playing it in hard-mode, Any tips on how should I fight like do I have to Battle Grind or just keep my Battle Rank low as possible in the beginning like in disk 1 by the way I'm using the PC version. P.S like my previous Hard-Mode fight it's really tough and it was only luck that finished it in hard but did not complete the DLC monster except for Eldritch Dragon. --Remnant13 08:53, May 13, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Remnant13

    Some of you know that the PC version of this game have long loading time about 15-30 seconds will the only ting that I can think of is running the game in 1 core it cuts loading time its now 3-10 seconds but the frame rate drops and its lags when theres a smoke effect like using grenade impact. This problem varies from type of OS and Hardware. Any other solution to this problem.

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