• MohsinMan99

    I don't know how many have already tried this but this was a load of fun. I already beat the game some 6 times already, 5 of them in hard mode and there didn't seem to be any real challenge. So, I got hold of Nelphim's(or whatever that guy's name) trainer and done the following:

    1. Everyone with WA weapons raised to +9 and maxed stats. Team leaders also got WA weapons.

    2. 7 unions, 25 members total divided as 5,5,3,3,3,3,3.

    3. Battled the True Conqueror and other DLC bosses. Should be having a save file IIRC with all things maxed and only the DLC bosses left.

    4. Chains and BR set to 9999 and 255 respectively.

    5. Enemy HP frozen and all characters set to either Ninja/Ordainer classes.

    6. Massive-strike'd enemy with my unions. Enemy in this case, …

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