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  • Junjun sheep

    Ugh.. Okay..

    June 21, 2013 by Junjun sheep

    The second time playing The Last Remnant and got stuck with this crashed.

    Dunno why because the first-play is going smoothly thou i admin i start using trainer when it comes to the 'welcome to disc 2' part.

    And this time i start using trainer from the very beginning.. is it the cause?

    Nah, whatever.. the thing is, i won't played it from the beginning again if this couldn't be solved :/

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  • Junjun sheep

    Damn.. I didn't know that the ending will be that sad.. Now I just can't believe it and I think I can't play for the second time for a while.. Well, I guess I'll start play it again when I'm not shock again with the ending.. [I don't have any idea that Rush will sacrificing himself with destroying all remnant including himself..:/ after playing Rush character for the very beginning, it's just seems off to play it again.. like he's "alive" again to be dead again.. idk]

    Well, I didn't know how Rush can be a human-remnant while there's no other human-remnant beside him.. or maybe that's my fault that I don't really pay attention in the other cut scene.. I mean the other cut scene before that last cut scene.. ugh, now I'm starting to blame myse…

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