So I completely destroyed the Last Remnant in every sense of the word but I feel the game shouldn't end there. There is much more potential for this game on the 360 console. I looked everywhere so maybe I can write a persuasive letter to the developers of the Last Remnant but came up empty handed.

As I was sitting on my couch one day going through some old games, I came up on the Last Remnant. Oh, the memories. Not that it's really an old game but there is nothing left I can do with it. So I thought, the original idea of the game was to have the Conqueror as a playable character after beating it the first time through in his POV perspective. Obviously, for those who already beat it completely, sadly there was nothing else you could possibly do with the game. And so now I wonder if Square Enix would ever utilize xbox live marketplace.

Why not?

They have before and so have other companys and benefited on mass proportions. Why not invest in the time to develop the story for the Conqueror and throw it out there in the xbox live market place. Who wouldn't download it? I believe I speak for every Last Remnant fan out there and I'm pretty sure everyone would enjoy playing the Conqueror in his own story, how he became to be, his origins, how it started. Besides, he's the most appealing character in my eyes in the entire game.

So I say to all those Last Remnant fans, help me get the idea out there. Get the word out to your friends and hope that it would one day end up in the hands of a Square Enix developer to make it happen for us.

Number 2, I briefly want to point out that Christmas is around the corner so how about some downloadable content for adding "x" amount of money. Some "x" of stats added your party. Get in the spirit guys!


   a Last Remnant fan