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    Old Setup

    August 4, 2018 by Dark wizzie

    Assembling the maximum damage party is actually a tough task. Yes, we know that for maximum damage MA are out, but that is mostly it. It doesn't make this build objectively the best. For example: How good is a formation that has the highest damage output but zero defense? I guess what it really comes down to with that question is what you actually want to accomplish with such a build. And if you don't know, by god things can get gnarly again. For the purposes of this particular build I will only do builds that are possible WITHOUT manual equipping. This means there isn't a party of 18 people dual-wielding Shielding Hawkwinds. (For data on the highest damage wield-style check my article here: [1]

    Type Weapon
    I None
    II 5x Physical, 3x Specia…

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    Do you want my save file for this build? Shoot me a message on the talk page here and I'll hand it over. I also have a completed legit, high BR, normal mode save file right at the Sacred Lands (without At Hatred's End finished).

    After many trials and even more errors, I have finally achieved something close to what I want.

    • Must be in hard mode.
    • Finished all quests to get The True Conqueror.
    • Finished At Hatred's End. Not doing it gimps the Conqueror from using Abyssal Seal.
    • Have not killed any DLC bosses (apart from the ones required to be able to see Demigod).
    • Party has maxed stats. This means 255 strength, etc, 9999 unit hp, +99 AP per move, 999 max AP.
    • Party must have maxed arts. All possible arts must be at max. (Peerless or Swift depending on…
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    Dual wielding is the highest damage weapon style in the game. There are drawbacks however: In chasing DPS you lose defense and evasion. It also requires upgrading and managing two seperate weapons. DW has multiple paths: swords, katanas, axes, and maces.

    Type Weapon ATK MYS Effect DEF M.DEF CO CD Evasion
    Axe Might Splitter 153 72 CA +5 50 23 24% 38% 12%
    Axe Shielding Hawkwind 189 112 Phys Resist +5 62 39 24% 38% 18%
    Katana Nightbloom Mist 220 179
    58 19 30% 48% 20%
    Katana Nightbloom Virtutis 223 222
    17 18 30% 48% 20%
    Katana Parrying Tataraichi 184 135 Phys Resist +5 41 28 25% 40% 9%
    Sword Might Longsword 149 74 CA +5 52 25 29% 46% 19%
    Sword Shielding Bluesteel 174 127 Phys Resist +5 55 38 29% 46% 24%

    Type Weapon ATK MYS …

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