Before I got my Last Remnant game up and running through Steam, I had only played the Xbox version of the game. After beating the PC version, I definitely notice many differences between the game and my play experience was vastly different. On the Xbox, I was used to Leaders not having to be the party leader to use Unique Arts. Unique Arts dramatically increased your morale, healing increased morale, and you didn't need morale to use Weapon Arts. Your party members would force-upgrade their weapons after a certain BR, thus not requiring any work from you to find components, and you could skill grind for leader skills. For many boss fights, I could pull of a Rejuvenating Water when almost losing, then proceed to kill the boss using a combination of Weapon and Unique Arts while sitting at no morale (nearly 700,000+ damage to the Absolute Conqueror around turn 3 or 4).

The PC version was different. Psionics such as Bluff, Addle, and Mixed Message increased your morale way more than their Xbox counterparts. I could no longer fight the Fallen with Weapon Arts as my party didn't force-upgrade their weapons, and I had to go out of my way to find components for my Leaders. The Void Intruder, while a breeze to fight on the Xbox, actually gave me a bit of trouble on the PC. Turbo Mode was awesome, but I had to set the Critical Triggers to automatic as they showed up too fast. Rare Monsters were easier to spawn, making it easier to do guild tasks I couldn't normally do on the Xbox (except for Gomei, that slick SoB, never showing up). I've recently started a new game plus, and I really enjoy starting with all my components to make the equipment I want at the beginning of the game.

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