Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The absolute lowest damage value for each level can be considered the base damage
  • One way to increase damage from Frost Tincture, Flame Bottle and Cyclone Cream is to boost the Skill type
    • Not quite sure how Aquarius managed 24288 for Cyclone Cream IV. Either I had screwed up, or it was the Longeval Cord
  • FT, FB and CC will on occasion deal more damage than usual
    • Lv.1 - +2%, +8%
    • Lv.2 - +3%, +9%
    • Lv.3 - +4%, +10%
    • Lv.4 - +5%, +11%
    • Lv.5 - +6%, +12%
  • For Land Mine and Explosives, DWing Godly ___ to match the art's modifier can increase damage by 10% (haven't tested for no prefix and Mighty, or mixing modifier levels)
  • Matching Godly modifiers for Shards will also increase damage, but in a non-linear manner
    • Can also boost damage with Mighty, but only if DWing (strange...)
    • Mighty can be used for Force Majeure, presumably because of the Omni modifier being that much higher than the others...
  • If 0 Morale is considered base damage, then 1000 morale (or at least the Ultra-High Morale state) will result in +30% damage
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