About me[edit | edit source]

Hi, my name is Veteran Hawkeye (Hawk or Hawkeye to my friends, the Veteran part is just my Xbox Live clan name). I'm an avid RPG fan, and as well as TLR, I also like Final Fantasy, Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean etc.

I'm a martial arts nut, and I practice Hapkido, Taijutsu (Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu in particular), Jeet Kune Do and Kickboxing to a very high level. I also love martial arts film and cinema, expecially in the heyday of Hong Kong Kung Fu cinema, as well as the later martial arts action films from Asia, like Jackie Chan's "Project A". My hero is Jackie Chan.

As for TLR, I'm an experienced stat grinder and skill grinder, and am currently preparing myself and gathering information to write a statgrinder's walkthrough (how and why to stat grind, and then a complete game walkthrough, including when, where and how to grind, when to do each quest, boss walkthrough's and stats, recommended BR's, possibly seperated to guide people on both combat playthrough's and mystic playthrough's. I'll also create a boss walkthrough for the enlightened seven and the white conqueror, and how to kill the Absolute (or even the White maybe) conqueror in two turns). It's a big project, but hopefully some poeple may find it useful (assuming I ever finish it and don't do a guide for FF 13 instead).

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