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Hi, there! I'm visiting this place after all this time apart just to say that I'm still loving it. I'm sorry to see that god-awful (imo) case of 'reskinning' imposed upon community. But you're alive and here and that's what matters! It's just a "hi" message! See you some other day! :) --Ngng 13:56, October 31, 2010 (UTC)


Location mini-maps info

For all the mini maps to be of the same appearance these parameters should be kept in mind:
The resolution of the final picture: 1500x333 => 1 : 0.222
World mini map resolution (rightmost part of the picture): 500x333 (contains 2 white pixelwide lines in its left part)
Location circle on the world mini map: 10 pixels in diameter, pure red color
All pictures were scaled down by factor 66,66% from their original sizes to make them antialiased

I'm gonna make them for every location, but this information maybe useful anyway.

Did you know?

  • If you wake a sleeping Echidnamoth it will follow you to the rest of the world
  • All the specimens of Phantom Family are females
  • Despite not being so strong no member of Amoeba Family will ever cover from you
  • ...that besides suchi or saki Japanese have recently mastered Rockgrater roast, spitchcock, sarma, tarator, dolma, khuushuur, Jhana Champignon, pla sam rort and some other very tasty sounding dishes! You only have to wait till one of your local suchi bars will be supplied enough to receive orders.
  • There are certain monsters (17-Year-Old Larvae) that defies the laws of chance as for some strange reason all of them live at least for 17 years which is rather hard when someone likes to use self-destruct in each battle. Maybe they are born teens?

Conspiracy theories

  • Don't you think that Glenys is suspiciosly close to the ancient Queen Flaumello (who was the ruler of the Kingdom of Glenys). This girl has a hometown somewhere but it's not in the known lands. She cannot return to her town and she seeks revenge (for what and on whom?). The ancient Kingdom was destroyed by the (current?) God Emperor of Undelwalt who "sent his punitive army". The last Glenys quest is also in Undelwalt in which she'll recover the precious items from her old homeland (been extorted by the 'punitive' army?). Moreover you just cannot get to Flaumello Tower until you have recruted Glenys (she also knows who was this Mantroskylo). This so called Old-Fashioned Woman (with the manners or dress not from this time), who is she after all?