• I was born on June 8
  • I am Male
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General Info Edit

Xbox Live Gamertag: Brotinn Dvergur

Steam Username: Ultra Doot


Playthroughs Completed: 2
Weapon(s): Optimal Tataraichi +3, Optimal Tataraichi +1
Class: Legendary Ninja
BR: 134
All Quests: Yes
Conqueror Defeated: Yes
Weapon(s): Shielding Hawkwind, Shield of the Vanquisher +1
Class: Legendary Commander
BR: 109
Conqueror Defeated: Yes
Weapons(s): Enchanted Hawkwind +1, Superior Hawkwind
Class: Legendary Gladiator
BR: 138
Conqueror Defeated: Yes
Weapons(s): Spatha Adamanteus +2/Shielding Bluesteel +1/Optimal Tataraichi +3, Enchanted Soulshield/Shield of the Vanquisher
Class: Legendary Gladiator
BR: 128
Conqueror Defeated: No
Weapon(s): Enchanted Demonblade +2
Class: Legendary Gladiator
BR: 117
Conqueror Defeated: Yes
Weapon(s): Superlative Vare +1
Class: Lordly Bishop
BR: 108
Conqueror Defeated: No

Anything Else Edit

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