Field Ability

Rush's talisman grants him the power to slow down time around him, making it easier to maneuver around the field and selectively engage monster groups without the threat of getting jumped in the process. Plotwise, this is an alternative use of the effect employed in Rush's Omnistrike.

Timeshift Operation

  • Initiating Timeshift when no enemies are nearby will cause all monsters pursuing Rush to lose interest.  This is useful both for avoiding combat while traveling and countering harvest events like the loud sound that causes nearby enemies to chase Rush.
  • Approaching an enemy while Timeshift is active will "tag" that enemy.
  • Tagged enemies will follow Rush both for the duration of Timeshift and afterwards, until Rush zones, interacts with a field object such as a door or harvest point, or reactivates Timeshift while no enemies are adjacent.
  • Tagged enemies will always be linked into battle if Rush initiates a fight before his Timeshift expires, even if these enemies are not nearby.  This is handy for setting up linked battles between non-adjacent monsters.
  • Timeshift will be immediately aborted if Rush zones or interacts with a field object.
  • All menu functions are disabled for the duration of Timeshift.


  • Rush can still be ambushed while in Timeshift if the tagged monster is "Vehement" and comes in contact with him.
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