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Rush and Irina.

After the recent revelations, the party has decided it is time to finally get Irina back.

Remembering what Oswald said, your goal is now to infiltrate Wyrmskeep via The Aqueducts in Nagapur.


As usual, there are new quests.

Quest icon.png The quests The Reviving Legend (and then At Hatred's End if you agree with Ophelia each time), and The Silver Falcons: Part Two are now available.

Roberto avatar.png After completing The Reviving Legend, Roberto can be recruited at the Melphina Union of the Golden Chalice guild (assuming you sided with him at least once).

Entering the Aqueducts

WarningSign.png A large number of quests will permanently disappear upon exiting the next dungeon, the Aqueducts! If you want to unlock the final quest, X360 achievement, and true final boss, finish them before exiting the Aqueducts!
List of quests that permanently disappear upon exiting the Aqueducts:

Gaou avatar.png After entering the Aqueducts, Gaou can be recruited at
the Baaluk Union of the Golden Chalice guild.

Once inside make your way through The Third Channel to the East Waterway Control to the Central Sluiceway.

Warning: After exploring the Aqueducts, there are three consecutive boss battles where you cannot exit to the world map in between. It is suggested to keep a savegame BEFORE you enter the Aqueducts just in case you can't make it through this part. (The PC version warns you about this.)

A cutscene will occur in the Central Sluiceway after opening the door at location I-13.

Now you will have to take out five Harpylia. After the battle, another cutscene begins.

Now the party must proceed to Wyrmskeep.


Once entering Wyrmskeep, another cutscene begins.