The Conqueror with Roeas and Castanea.

After binding the Ark in The Seventh Path, you will be in The Sacred Lands, the final location of the game.

You can explore this level until the very end, at which point there is a World Map teleporter you can use right before the point of no return.

To get back to The Sacred Lands, you must go through The Sixth Path to The Final Fortress to The Seventh Path.

Exploring the Sacred Lands

Inside The Sacred Lands follow the path, which is linear. Use the devices to teleport between locations. Refer to the maps below.

PC Rare Monster Glitch: Sometimes the rare monsters will be invisible, as if they didn't spawn. You can Timeshift at their location, link them (you'll hear the link sound), then start the battle to fight them. Alternatively, you can save your game inside the Sacred Lands, then reload it; this causes the rare monsters to appear and properly function in the level.

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

At the end of The Sacred Lands you will find a large door, along with a teleporter that will take you back to the World Map. This is your final chance to turn back and complete any unfinished business. Otherwise, enter the large door to begin the end.

The Final Fight

After entering, a cutscene before the final battle will begin.

After killing the Conqueror, the final cutscene will begin.

Congratulations, you just finished The Last Remnant, one of the greatest JRPGs ever made!

PC Only: After the game credits you can save the game with a Game Completion save. This enables a New Game Plus mode. Read all about it on its page.

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