Things Unchangeable

Wiki Targeted (Games)


Client: Mysterious Woman
Location: Athlum, Warrior's Honor


Available immediately after completing all other Quests.

PC/PS4 Only: At Hatred's End is not required to complete the quest.

Quest Details

Talk to the Mysterious Woman.

Athlum gossip:

Pleasant Young Man: "I told you about the mysterious woman from before, right? Seems she's still waiting for something really important. I hear she looks super worried... ...That's the story, anyway."
Bartender: "I'm waiting for something really important, too... Or someone..."
Pleasant Young Man: "You're just waiting for anyone at all."

She will tell the following story.

Mysterious Woman: "So we meet again. Do you remember me? Will you listen to my story?"
Rush: "No can do."
Mysterious Woman: "I realize there are things you must do. Please come back when you have the time."
Rush: "I like stories!"
Mysterious Woman: "Thank you. You have met many people on your journey who have helped you grow. In return, you have given them something very valuable. Something they will treasure for always. It is hard to describe in words what exactly have bestowed upon others...
Allow me to try to explain myself...
The skies may gray, the oceans may disappear, and the earth may rot.

But not even the freest of birds,
The most hopeful of fish, the wisest of men...
No sight, no sound, no feeling can ever surpass the gift you granted those people. In that moment, you left behind something that will last for eternity. Something only you could have given them... And that is what will mold your destiny.
I must go now. To my time, my place."


Quest Log

  1. The mysterious lady disappeared. I wonder what she meant when she said that I had made a difference.
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