Client: Roberto
Location: Melphina


Available after the fight at the Nest of Eagles. You also have to complete the quest The Disappearing Knights first; both that quest and this one must be done before leaving the Aqueducts!

Quest DetailsEdit

To activate this quest, talk to the Knight of Melphina in The Babbling Brook pub. He'll be a Qsiti in armor with a red talk bubble. The knight will ask you to meet with Sir Roberto in the palace. It seems the town is now facing a disaster of the greatest proportions...

Entering the Palace after this encounter triggers a cutscene showing the Knights of Melphina reporting to Roberto about a squad sent to the Malbourge Flatlands. The Crookfen seals you repaired are failing and a large army of monsters threatens to overrun the town. Olebeag orders Marsha and Roberto to take the fight to the enemy.

Roberto now appears in the Palace with a red talk bubble. He needs your help again. This time, he needs your help to stop the oncoming onslaught at the Malbourge Flatlands.



Quest LogEdit

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