As the prior cutscene indicated, the Duke of Ghor has called an emergency Congress in Elysion. However, there are some optional activities you can do first, if you so choose.

Optional ContentEdit

DLC BossesEdit

There are now three special monster encounters available to fight. On the X360 version you have to simply download the DLC from the Marketplace for free. On the PC version, you have to complete certain guild tasks to be given special items as noted below.

New LocationsEdit

You can now open up the following optional areas you won't see during the story line.

The Emergency MeetingEdit

Visiting the LordsEdit

To CelapaleisEdit

Visit the Celapaleis Castle to get another cutscene.

To GhorEdit

Afterwards head to the Castle in Ghor for another cutscene.

You may visit the other Lords but there is nothing special apart from different text reflecting their afflicted status.

To AthlumEdit

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