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As the prior cutscene showed, the Conqueror has started a war and Athlum is in an upheaval with preparations.

The other Lords may be indecisive on how to react, but David intends to win Athlum's independence by siding with Hermeien.

The destination is now Nagapur.


Despite the world being at war, completionists will wish to complete the many new quests now available!

Quest icon The quests The Wanderer, Goodbye, Sweet Love, After a Day's Work..., Blooming Flower, Singing Bird, A Single Soul, The Losing Game, and Frustrations are now available.
Rhagoh avatar After completing A Single Soul, Rhagoh can be recruited at the Celapaleis Union of the Golden Chalice guild. He is required for a quest later which requires to have talked to him () 3 times.
Leshau avatar After completing Frustrations, Leshau can be recruited at the Baaluk Union of the Golden Chalice guild.

Melphina QuestsEdit

Upon entering Melphina, more quests open up.

Quest icon The quests A Voice from the Past, The Rainbow Bond, The Broken Seal are now available.
Maddox avatar After completing The Rainbow Bond, Maddox can be recruited at the Royotia Union of the Golden Chalice guild.

More QuestsEdit

You can use the south-west exit of the Heroic Ramparts to reach Ghor if you wish. This unlocks three more quests.

Quest icon The quests The Standoff, Slumber of the Lost Fragment, The Fiery Revolt are now available.


Now it is time to enter Nagapur.

Once you've entered the city you have to speak to several characters back and forth.

Quest icon The quests Nagapur's Witch and Ghor's Witch are now available.

After going back and forth in Nagapur, a cutscene will begin.

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