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Welcome to the official story walkthrough for The Last Remnant, featuring step-by-step guidance through all of the game's main story events.

Spoiler boxes are used throughout this walkthrough to hide key story details and specific battle strategies. If you wish to see a detailed walkthrough then click on the spoiler boxes throughout.

This walkthrough rarely mentions guild tasks since almost none are missable. It is assumed you will visit the guilds as you play and complete guild tasks at your own pace.

Important Message IconsEdit

The Last Remnant's world is filled with chatty denizens. When you see a Talk icon above a character, it indicates that he/she can speak to Rush and offer general comments, opinions, or observations. If that Talk icon is highlighted in red, however, it indicates an "important message icon."

Talking to a character with a red-highlighted, important message icon can trigger a side quest, unlock a new location on the map, unlock a new area within a previously available location, or just impart important information. In this walkthrough, any character with a red-overhead icon is referred to as "highlighted." For example: "Talk to the highlighted Athlumian soldier to get an important summons from the Marquis." Remember: always talk to any highlighted character you meet!


As you progress through the game, you unlock a series of optional quests (sometimes called sidequests). There are 68 quests in total, with only the very first two being required to complete. This walkthrough also informs you of when each and every quest is available. It also tells you when some of the missable quests are about to be permanently missed.

Quest icon Throughout this guide this exclamation mark image will indicate when various quests become available. It is recommended to complete all quests as soon as possible since some do disappear after certain key story events.

To find and trigger these quests, explore town areas (especially pubs) and talk to townsfolk with () talk bubbles. Some will ask favors of Rush involving recovering items, fighting enemies, or investigating new areas. Complete the favors for rewards.

Also note that if you complete every single quest in the game (PC: At Hatred's End isn't required), a more powerful version of the final boss is unlocked. On the X360 there are Achievements for this; on the PC it is merely for a challenge (and quest rewards).


The Last Remnant features 3.5 hours of cutscenes that play throughout the entire game. This walkthrough will put all cutscene details in Spoiler tags so as to not give away key story information. If you miss something or need to refresh your memory, this Cutscenes page contains YouTube videos of every cutscene (warning: the page may load slowly).

Story ChaptersEdit

The Story Begins...Edit

Interlude: AthlumEdit

Intruders in DillmoorEdit

On your ownEdit

The Battle in BlackdaleEdit

Congress in ElysionEdit

The Meeting in NagapurEdit

Stop the WarEdit

Time to Save IrinaEdit

Welcome to the Second DiskEdit

The Missing LordsEdit

The Six BasesEdit

Catch the RunawayEdit

Meet the God EmperorEdit

Find an ArkEdit

Through the Sacred LandsEdit

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