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The Enlightened Seven

In this battle you fight the seven bosses from the Six Bases in an enlightened form again. You will find them in The Catacombs - Central Area at location I-16, but only if you have the Eye of Promise in your inventory and have access to The Seventh Path with Task 70 active (visit the Union of the Golden Chalice with the Eye in your inventory). You can only fight them once.

The battle starts with the Enlightened Snievan. The Enlightened Milton joins at the end of the first turn. The Enlightened Ludope and the Enlightened Zuido will appear after defeating them.

The same with the Enlightened Young, who reinforces along after taking them out, and finally the Enlightened Hannah and the Enlightened Hinnah.

Possible drops from the fight are:

If you're using the PC version, you may also want to visit the character pages of Snievan, Milton, Ludope, Zuido, Young, Hannah or Hinnah, as they can be hired after completing the Union of the Golden Chalice Bonus Task 70 (defeat The Enlightened Seven).