Client: Bossy Man
Location: Balterossa - Café Moondust

Availability Edit

After the return from Wyrmskeep. You also need all three godstones:

You must have recruited Glenys

Quest DetailsEdit

On the second floor of the Café Moondust pub in Balterrosa, you will find a Bossy Man with a red speech balloon over his head. Approach him, and he'll instruct you to go to the great tower in the desert. If you offer up the three godstones there, you may learn a truth hidden for a millennium. So, are you game, or do you hate history class?

Right. The Bossy Man tells you to "go east of where the spear leads." He also offers a warning about phantoms - don't take your eyes from them! Finally, after acknowledging he knows who Rush is, he concludes cryptically, "What was begun long ago must be brought to completion. That is all you need to know."

After accepting this quest, you will find yourself initially in the Searing Cove of The Great Sand Sea.

By the way, about that "truth hidden for a millenium?"



Quest LogEdit

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