Outside Blackdale[edit | edit source]

Following the cutscene at Athlum Castle, the party decides to investigate the lead at Blackdale. Head there to immediately begin a cutscene.

Jager during the battle.

Now you jump directly into a wide field battle against numerous enemy unions.

After the victory, you see a wounded Jager struggle to his feet and flee. David sends his forces in pursuit.

You end up in one of Blackdale's infamous network of caverns, an area known as The Speckled Chasm.

Through the Chasm[edit | edit source]

Jager and a mysterious flying monster kidnapping Irina.

Next you must navigate the monster-infested caves of Blackdale's Speckled Chasm.

The Speckled Chasm[edit | edit source]

Either fight or dodge the enemies. You'll face skittering Spiders lumbering Hypnoses, and aggressive vulture-like fliers called Skull Scavengers.

Move through the chasm, exploring all the dead ends for treasure chests and harvest points if you wish or just continue through to the next section, The Sapphire Pit.

The Sapphire Pit[edit | edit source]

Move through this small, linear area, harvesting what you can and fighting through more of the same monster types. When you reach the pit's exit to the southwest, you end up in a large chamber, having finally caught up to Jager and triggering a long cutscene.

Mrdiggs icon.png A Mr. Diggs Morsel is located in the middle in Blackdale - The Sapphire Pit: at location B-3.

Wagram and the Fiery Idol[edit | edit source]

Wagram kidnapping Irina.

Quest icon.png The sidequests Athlum's Witch and Celapaleis's Witch are now available.

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