Your new "boss" has a couple of screws loose, to say the least.

Client: Scientist
Location: Melphina - The Babbling Brook


Available upon entry of Melphina after Wyrmskeep.

Quest Details

Go to the Babbling Brook pub in Melphina. You will see a Scientist standing on the wall to the left of the barkeeper with a red speech balloon over his head. When you engage the Scientist in conversation, you will find out that you're now his overworked and underpaid assistant. Your first task is to collect some components from Yvalock's Nest for an elixir he's preparing.

Accepting the quest will not automatically teleport you to the quest location. Back out to the world map and Yvalock's Nest should appear next to Baaluk. Of course, the initial request the Scientist makes isn't all there is to this quest - that would be too easy!

PC note: when turning these quests in, the amount of components taken from your inventory is actually less than what the requirements were (you still need to collect them all to be able to turn them in though).



Quest Log

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