Temple Gift Shop is located in Elysion - Genaade District

New items will be added to the shop as you progress through the game.


Item Price Availability
Katana Logo Elysion 6,120 -
Mace Logo Club 2,300 -
Mace Logo Auld Club 655,500 After entering the The Sacred Lands
Staff Logo Vare 14,400 After entering Aqueducts
Staff Logo Scepter 960 -
Staff Logo Greatstaff 2,700 -
Staff Logo Auld Greatstaff 769,500 After entering the The Sacred Lands


Item Price Availability
Anklet Logo Greaves of Goring 23,100 After 18 active member
Garment Logo Bandana of Grooming 15,450 After entering The Catacombs
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