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This template can be used to display guild tasks in a unified manner. It was designed to be used through other templates, although it can be used on its own as well.
Type {{Guild Task|<...>}} somewhere, with the following parameters:
  1. Guild type: sword for Sword of Three Realms, ring for Ring of the Labyrinth. Anything else will result in Union of the Golden Chalice.
  2. Task number: leaving this blank will ignore the rest of the variables and mark the task as unknown.
  3. Task Type: use item for The Collector tasks, weapon for The Weaponmaster tasks, class for Leader Extraordinaire, battle for battle chain, treasure for treasure hunt, killb and itemb for bonus tasks. Anything else will result in The Bloodthirsty Warrior or The Monsterslayer.
  4. Task target: the name of the monster to slay or the item to collect etc. It's not a link by default, so you have to put double brackets around it to change it into one.
  5. Task target amount: the amount of monsters to kill, battle chain, treasure chests or items to get. Leaving this blank decides whether the default task is The Monsterslayer or The Bloodthirsty Warrior.
  6. Note: if filled out, it should contain the availability information for the task, ie story progression requirement or guild rank requirement.
  7. Version specific: for The Monsterslayer tasks, values are pc or xbox.
Sample output
{{Guild Task|ring}}
{{Guild Task|sword|22|item|[[Mystic Fiend Talon]]|3}}
{{Guild Task||1||[[Spider]]|8}}
{{Guild Task|sword|52|class|[[:Category:Runemaiden|Runemaiden]]|3}}
{{Guild Task||63|battle||10}}
{{Guild Task|ring|59|treasure||50}}
{{Guild Task||13||[[Dominator]]|||xbox}}

Results in...