The Last Remnant Wiki
The mystic and item art templates are used for listing the initial or learnt arts on the character pages.
Type {{art invocations|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below. This template does not use named parameters, so the order is relevant!
The first parameter is used for when the character learns the art. Leave it empty when initially known. Use the BR required when it is learned later. Use a "?" when the BR is unknown.
All following parameters (2-8) are used to represent the tiers of the individual skills for arts initially known. Use decimal numbers; the order is the same as they are listed on the overview pages (Mystic Arts and Item Arts). Simply leave the parameter empty when a skill is not known.
The 9th parameter is used for the Arcana. Leave it empty when the matching Arcana can be learned (default) or set it to anything when not.
The 10th parameter is only use for Invocations and triggers the Crimson Flare Arcana. Set it to anything when the Arcanan can be learned.
Sample output

For an art the character knows from the start use the following:

{{art invocations||3|3|2|2|1}}

This results in the following output:

For an art the character learns later use:

{{art herbs|67}}

This results in the following output:

Here an example when the Arcana can't be learned:

{{art evocations||3|3|2|2|1|||x}}

This results in the following output: