I think the items obtained from each base could've been set up differently. Here's what I thought:

Base 1 (Brionac) ----------------------> Torgal
Base 2 (Obsidian) ---------------------> Blocter
Base 3 (Heartache) --------------------> Pagus
Base 4 (Nightbloom) -------------------> Emmy
Base 5 (Frostblade) -------------------> David
Base 6 (unique accessory 2 for Rush?) ---> Rush

Honestly, it would've made more sense if Blocter had gotten the Obsidian because I think Gaou was completely random.

Anyone knows what BR is needed for the six bases in the PC version, so that enemies are no longer "stronger" than you? Hinnah and Hannah mopped the floor with me with their initial Twin Snowpetals, which kills 2-3 unions@BR5.

Nvm, just beat the girls with BR16 :)

Double drops[edit source]

This is my second playthrough on hard mode. I've just finished base 6, and all bosses have dropped two of their hearts of loyalty. I put a soldier with luck attribute within Torgal's union (who BTW one-shot Milton at BR 27 with Lugh's Revenge, >150.000 damage), but am wondering if Luck stat had something to do or it's just that it's a second playthrough. Fedejico 15:10, 24 May 2009 (UTC) I don't know..... for all of the bosses but one, I also got 2 Hearts of Loyalty. I think it's something to do with battle chains or the length of the battle itself.... --HybridDragoness 10:21, October 9, 2009 (UTC)

Would you reccomend[edit source]

Would you reccomend having 3 big unions or 5 small unions for these fights?

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