Hello there! I really need your help =( This is my 5th time replaying the game but I have NEVER experienced this annoying say, bug??? Well I'm not sure if it's really a bug but, my problem is: I cannot make spiritrose available.

Well this item is needed for my units to learn Rousing flare. I don't get why though, and I can't even seem to get the "after the 2nd time visiting Undelwalt" ??? cuz just what is a "second time"? cuz surely I visited it thousand times =O And if the wiki mentioned abt some special events then I have already passed the Holy Plain battle, and is just about to enter the final battle. Still, Spiritrose were no where to be seen? I'm already at BR 80 now.

I can't understand this? :( never experienced it before, I've played the games 5 times already, both in Normal and Hard mode but this time is certainly annoying with this annoying stuff O____O btw, I'm in Normal mode!

Please help!

Thank you~


Ahh sorry O.o I get it O.o it requires me to have accessed to The Seventh Path or perhaps The Sacred Lands (cuz I passed both regions so I don't know which is the required one) O.o

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