BR data collection[edit source]

Monsters also have a BR wich can roughly be determined by the battle commands: Clean 'em up quick! vs. Drive 'em out! vs. Attack! vs. Act wisely! vs. Don't be afraid to die!

System Storyline Location BR Command
XBOX Time to Save Irina Catacombs 17 Attack
XBOX Time to Save Irina Catacombs 38 Attack + Act wisely

Captured in?[edit source]

I pent several hours trying to capture one of these on disc 1, in both Mojcado and the Catacombs. After killing a hundred (read: a hundred groups that had an SS Pest in them) in each map of both places i gave up. Going on to disc 2 and unlocking Robelia underground i captured one in the first 5 groups i fought. I'm inclined to believe they can only be captured in Robelia, though i did not try Catacombs or Mojcado on disc 2.

SS?[edit source]

What does SS stand for?

My guess is it's 'Super-Super' (abbreviation like XL -- eXtra Large). In many Japanese games the rank begins with C goes through B,A,(AA),S and ends with SS. --Ngng 16:59, 28 August 2009 (UTC)
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