Is there any one to find a good amount of pests in the underground tier ? I have made some runs but all resulted in the same spawn, only 3 pests at Q/P 12.

Have you unlocked the whole underground tier? There are tons of them down there. Seattlebrian 14:05, 26 August 2009 (UTC)

Got it. Though its not a whole lot. Basicly, you can find exactly 6 Pests down there, 2 lots with 3 mobs each, one near the Mirror, one near the left exit.

Sorry, I was thinking of unlocking a different area. Your best chance of getting pest toxin to drop is from SS Pest. And your best chance of getting SS Pest is to link 3 or more monsters. But they don't have to all be pests. Also even though the page says Underground Tier only, I belive you can also get them to drop from the monsters in the Central Tier area that you can only reach by going through underground Tier. And there is sometimes a group of 4 pests in that area too. Seattlebrian 14:16, 26 August 2009 (UTC)

Wyngale Edit

Doesn't Wyngale also request Pest Toxins? My certainly did (playing on PC). At that point he was wearing his standard weapons: Gaap(+1) in main hands and Shax Dominus(+1) in off-hand. His items list looked like this:
Wyngale Pest Toxin

Update: Apparently he used the Pest Toxin to upgrade Shax Dominus->Gaap

Violet Leafhopper quick toxins Edit

Prior to having the Underground area of Robelia, i found that the rare monster Violet Leafhopper made quick work of grabbing some pest toxin. Rather then battling the 3 percent chance of waiting for it to drop from the other listed rare Landworms i find its much easier to get it off splitting a Leafhopper. So verify that the spawn conditions are correct (i.e. No skull scavenger upon entering the Obsidian Trail in Blackdale) and your leafhopper should be just a few steps up on the left. Save prior to the fight in the event you do not get the capture, or do get the capture but no pest toxin. Reload in the event of a failed attempt.

So when you do get the pest toxin drop, zone out back the way you came from (Spectacled Chasm?) Save your game once in that zone, reload, and upon entering the Obsidian Trail area again he'll be there waiting again. Save once again before the fight.

You could do this endlessly to colect your pest toxins. I only needed 2 for the Tataraichi upgrade and i think it took right around 18 battles, definitely no more then 20.

Hope this shines a little light for helping to get early weapon upgrades!

Czechmate0123 02:54, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

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