BR data collection Edit

Monsters also have a BR wich can roughly be determined by the battle commands: Clean 'em up quick! vs. Drive 'em out! vs. Attack! vs. Act wisely! vs. Don't be afraid to die!

System Storyline Location BR Command
XBOX On your own Robelia - Central (central) 2 Attack
XBOX On your own Robelia - Central (east) 37 Drive 'em out + Clean 'em up quick
XBOX The Meeting in Nagapur Lavafender 5-7 Act wisely

Glitched Landworm Edit

On my last play through for the Xbox I was doing the "Rush only skill grind" to see how long it would take me to Max most of the leaders out, dis-regarding Caedmon who i recruited later in the game and was only about half as strong as any of the other members of my team. After many house of work I was able to get my chain above 6,500. It was around there using a nearly maxed rush with two Parrying Tataraichi's I ran into a landworm that was half stuck in the wall, and the other half was sticking out of a near by door, randomly I engaged the enemy not thinking to much of it and started the battle. It was a lone landworm, just sitting there, and for a few turns all I could do was close in, but rushed seemed to get nowhere, then randomly I clicked close in again and rush randomly used Devil's Due against it hitting a good 20K easily, to my astonishment it did barely anything, after a few turns i decided total up the renaming hp which was still at about 90% when i was done it had about 5,250,000.... This glitched as far as i know has only happened to me... though my friend did experience a crab on one of his play troughs which acted like this... i want to know, has anyone else experinced an enemy like this? If this topic is in the wrong area, feel free to move it, but this post was mostly added to loosen the grip my mind has on this topic... and on another note, This only happened after we downloaded the DLC. --Zeion97 05:03, July 21, 2011 (UTC)

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