So which tasks in the Union of the Golden Chalice are Key Tasks that increase your Guild Rank? 01:23, 22 May 2009 (UTC)Dannar

Union of the Golden Chalice is not available in Ghor so "This guild is immediately available in all towns." is not the truth. -- 06:59, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

Leader Extraordinaire Edit

I have finished all the guild tasks except the ones requiring 3 Runemaidens, 3 Scouts and 3 Commanders. I have Violet and Beatrice as Runemaidens, Lars and Clice as Scouts and Pagus as Commander. I am now training Rush and Wyngale to be commanders and do a lot of Wards and mystic stuff. Likewise Darien as scout while doing a lot of Herbs stuff - his union is so small that he needs to use item arts quite often. I am training Indie in battle to be a Runemaiden but that's because everyone says he is the most likely to change into Runemaiden. Not sure to put him in mystic or combat battle union. Any ideas?

It doesn't matter what union you put him in, the only thing that matters is that he should never ever use an art other than a combat one (in this case, he cannot throw a single Resto Herb). Putting him in a combat union might help him increase his strength faster though, which means he'll reach 35 sooner. If he doesn't become a Runemaiden right then, he never will become one. The same goes for all other soldiers. I remember when i tried to find a third character capable of becoming a Runemaiden the only real possibility for it was Rush (before becoming a Commander of course). Everyone else has either a mystic or item skill to throw up the balance if you're not careful, and some even start with a high enough skill in them to never even be eligible for Runemaiden. On top of that, none of them start with both (so you could even it out). Drake178 22:40, May 13, 2010 (UTC)
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