It should be noted that you don't actually gain access to the Enlightened Seven/White Conqueror until after you actually go through the 7th path and fight the Icy Idol. Having access to the Seventh Path (as indicated) is not enough. When the Icy Idol has been defeated proceed trough the Sacred Lands. At the end, on the same platform as the big gate, there is a transporter which will enable you to go back to the world map.

Yeah, I have access to the seventh path and immediately teleport to world map using the teleporter in the seventh part, The Enlightened Seven and The White Conqueror didn't appear. I return to the seventh path again and defeated the boss then they appeared. Romangelo 11:27, June 13, 2010 (UTC)

I've done the icy idol but missed to talk with rush's mother and oswald before. seems like i cannot fight the enlighted seven now as i cannot find them where they should be. got the eye of promise btw

Talking to Oswald is not necessary, you can head to the 7th path directly.

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