BR data collection[edit source]

Monsters also have a BR wich can roughly be determined by the battle commands: Clean 'em up quick! vs. Drive 'em out! vs. Attack! vs. Act wisely! vs. Don't be afraid to die!

System Storyline Location BR Command
XBOX The Meeting in Nagapur Heroic Ramparts 8 Don't be afraid to die
XBOX Time to Save Irina Heroic Ramparts 19 Act Wisely
XBOX Time to Save Irina Heroic Ramparts 34 Attack
PC The Meeting in Nagapur The Great Sand Sea 28 Act Wisely
XBOX Time to Save Irina The Great Sand Sea 19 Act Wisely
XBOX Find an Ark The Great Sand Sea 99 Clean 'em up quick

Captured In[edit source]

  • Sand Sea

Health Points[edit source]

Xbox 360[edit source]

  • 93,490 - no special moves to over exaggerate the HP @ BR 109, so i'm quite confident in this stat.--Nirromyug 19:01, October 10, 2009 (UTC)
Just clocked one at 45,488 - 47,075 HP at BR 24 (Great Sand Sea, Xbox). This is why we decided not to list HP for regular monsters until we've come up with a realistic way of representing the HP at the scaled levels without confusing a first time user. HP (for Xbox) removed from page until someone suggests a way we can show it without being just plain wrong for the majority of encounters. Ferret37 00:31, January 11, 2011 (UTC)
On second thoughts, I'll take out the PC HP too so as not to encourage users to enter flawed absolute values. Ferret37 00:34, January 11, 2011 (UTC)
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