Common long axe as harsh as the desert it rules.

Disassembles for 16g
Commemorative Medal x1 Vine x2 Small Feather x1

Upgrades to Combat Tabar-Zin for 1,600g
Copper Ore x2 Landworm Husk x3 Horn x3
Upgrades to Commander's Tabar-Zin for 12,000g
Weapon Recipe 16 x1 Metal Scraps x3 Cotton x4

  Unlocked by acquiring the Weapon Recipe 16 x1 (permanent).

Upgrades to Warlord's Tabar-Zin for 91,800g
Weapon Recipe 53 x1 Platinum Ore x2 Reprocessed Metal x6

  Unlocked by acquiring the Weapon Recipe 53 x1 (permanent).

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