A list of items that fit in no other category.

Item Name Acquired From:
Person (If applicable)
Ancient Scabbard Given to you by Rainn in Balterossa in exchange for the Ring of Morning Calm during "Emotions" quest. A scabbard crafted for a deadly sword. It was never put to its intended use.
Animaquies Flowers obtained from Darken Forest in order to complete "A Single Soul" quest for Rhagoh in Celapaleis. An ethereal white flower. It can send one's words and thoughts to loved ones long gone.
Bloodsoaked Sword Received in The Losing Game quest. A crimson-coloured sword, soaked in the blood of the victims. It is always on the hunt for new prey.
Blue Elf A book of mystic spells, created by using the tablet on the Blue Elf.
Breath of the Omnipotent Reward for completing "The Fallen" quest for Wyngale in Baaluk. Proof given to those who have defeated the omnipotent one.
Brimuslabus A staff created by using the tablet on Brimuslabus.
Brionac Drops from Snievan in Base 1. Unique Item for Torgal. Unlocks Lugh's Revenge Weapon Art. A small, pipe-shaped Remnant. It has the force to knock down even the most distant monsters.
Cracked Chalice Obtained in Melphina during "Darien" quest in Elysion. A holy chalice belonging to Melphina. It is cracked in several places.
Damaged Shield Found in the Cherry Pavilion in Wyrmskeep. A damaged, useless shield that was once a grand piece of armor.
Divine Statue Found in a chest in the Great Subterrane. A key Remnant that unlocks the seal of the steele in the Great Subterrane.
Dream's Edge Reward for completing "Things Unchangeable" for Mysterious Woman in Athlum. Proof given to those who have completed quests.
Emeth Tag A book of mystic spells, created by using the tablet on the Emeth Tag.
Honor of Determination Reward for completing "The Hero" quest for Scientist in Balterossa. Proof given to a hero who protected the ancient desert kingdom by slaughtering invading monsters one after another.
Honor of Oath Reward for completing "Wisdom's Echo" quest for Old Fashioned Woman (Glenys) in Nagapur. Given to those in the queensguard of the ancient desert kingdom.
Kellendros David has at the beginning of the game The Gae Bolg's trigger Remnant. It is passed down from generation to generation.
Letter From Home Letter given to you by Mysterious Woman for "A Day's Beginning" quest in Athlum. A letter from a mysterious woman.
Lob Omen Gained through the UFO!? quest A chain created by using the tablet on the Lob Omen.
Map of Memories Found to the right at the top of the steps leading to the guild in Baaluk, during "Emotions" quest. A map used by a travelling couple long ago. It is torn as smudged, making it useless.
Melphina Certificate of Gratitude Reward for completing "The Reviving Legend" quest for Roberto in Melphina. A certificate of gratitude written by Meister Olebeag for having assisted Melphina's knightly order.
Namul Niram Reward for completing "The Tablet of Marshall" quest for Rush's Mother in Athlum. An earring created by using the tablet on Namul Sin and Niram Sin
Ophelia's Sword Reward for Completing "At Hatred's End" quest for Ophelia in Melphina. Proof of Ophelia's decision to leave the Order of Melphina. The polished blade shines with solemnity.
Picture of the Second Brigade Reward for completing "A Voice from the Past" quest for White Qsiti in Melphina. A photo of Melphina's Second Brigade. They look jovial, with their arms around each other's shoulders.
Ring of Morning Calm Purchased from Alyssa in Baaluk, during "Emotions" quest. A ring that soothes like the calm of early morning.
Royotian Wine Reward for completing "Emotions" quest for Raphus in Royotia. A famous Royotian beverage. Its bitterness can turn one's tongue when consumed.
Secret Letter Given to you by Gloomy Man when you accept "The Secret Letter" quest in Elysion. A letter from a gloomy man.
Scribbled Note Given to you by Scaredy-Cat Magus when you accept "The Silent Soul" quest in Balterossa. A note with a hint to deciphering the ancient desert characters. C-4-B-E-A-1 is scribbled on it.
Snowflake Reward from the Blooming Flower, Singing Bird quest. A flower from Hannah that represents a new beginning. The pure white flower petals are reminiscent of falling snow.
Spear of Origin Purchased in Undelwalt from Black Marketeer during "History's Boundary" quest for Glenys in Undelwalt. A treasure of the Ancient Kingdom of Glenys. It has the power to vanquish phantoms.
Stone of Antimageia Found in a chest in The Ruins of Robelia Castle. Used in "Kate and Rhagoh" quest in Celapaleis. A key Remnant that unlocks the seal to the Hall of the Mirror beneath Robelia Ruins.
Tablet Reward for completing "The Tablet of Marshall" for Rush's Mother in Athlum. A creation of the Marion Marshall's. It has the ability to seal and transform Remnants.
Talisman Belongs to Rush, equipped since the beginning of the game. A talisman shaped like a necklace. A mysterious pattern is engraved on it.
Talisman Rush gives this to Irina during a cutscene, allows her to use Omnistrike also. A talisman shaped like a necklace. It was created by Marina using a tablet.
Tao Tie A charm created by using the tablet on the Tao Tie.
Tarnished Earring Used in the Blooming Flower, Singing Bird quest. Found at (F-18) in Mojcado Castle - Phoenix Section. A delicate earring with snowflake designs. The studs are old and worn.
Visuminsumo Flowers obtained from Mt. Vackel in order to finish "The Villain and the Sightless Girl" quest for Loki in Athlum. The extract from this plant has the power to cure any sight-related illness.
White Flower Seed Used in the After a Day's Work.. quest, obtained in The Catacombs. A seed of a white flower that replaced the odour of death with a sweet smell. Avoid anyone showing interest in this item.
Witch's Signet Found in a chest in the Siebenbur's Sixth Path. Required to unlock Khrynia's Bonus Stat in Elysion. An heirloom bequeathed by a legendary witch. Engraved are words in a cryptic language
Zane's Ring Found in a chest in Siebenbur's Second Path. Required to unlock Zolean's Bonus Stat in Balterossa. A ring belonging to the mercenary Zane. The metal is burnt and misshapen.
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