A list of the Academy Visistones.

All Academy Visistones are obtained from the silent Academy Researcher in Elysion, Assembly Plaza - Entrance Hall.

She will give you stones as the game progresses.

Item Name Details
Academy Visistone 1 [Remnants 1] Remnants are mysterious objects that hold powers beyond those of men.
Academy Visistone 2 [Remnants 2] No one knows when or how Remnants were created.
Academy Visistone 3 [Remnants 3] Men have used Remnants as beneficial tools since ancient times.
Academy Visistone 4 [Remnants 4] Towns and kingdoms were built around Remnants with strong powers.
Academy Visistone 5 [Remnants 5] The Imperial City of Undelwalt was the first to be built around a Remnant.
Academy Visistone 6 [Remnants 6] A powerful Remnant can affect even the environment around it.
Academy Visistone 7 [Remnants 7] It is said that a Remnant once caused a flourishing city in the Great Sand Sea to fall into ruin.
Academy Visistone 8 [Remnants 8] In order to use the powers of a Remnant, one must bind it to himself.
Academy Visistone 9 [Remnants 9] To bind a Remnant, one simply needs to place a hand over the Remnant and concentrate.
Academy Visistone 10 [Remnants 10] However, a Remnant can only be bound during its Luminescence.
Academy Visistone 11 [Remnants 11] Luminescence is a natural occurrence that causes light to emit from a Remnant.
Academy Visistone 12 [Remnants 12] Luminescence occurs in a cycle, the length differing for each Remnant.
Academy Visistone 13 [Remnants 13] A short cycle can be a few minutes, while a long cycle can take years.
Academy Visistone 14 [Remnants 14] One known Luminescence cycle is that of the Remnant Ark: three months.
Academy Visistone 15 [Remnants 15] No one knows why Luminescence occurs. Perhaps it is a signal.
Academy Visistone 16 [Remnants 16] If a Remnant is bound to someone, it cannot be bound by anyone else.
Academy Visistone 17 [Remnants 17] A bound Remnant can only be operated by whom it is bound to.
Academy Visistone 18 [Remnants 18] An unbound Remnant is called a Blank Remnant.
Academy Visistone 19 [Remnants 19] A Collapse is a misfortune triggered by a Blank Remnant being unbound for too long.
Academy Visistone 20 [Remnants 20] The most common effect of a Collapse is the spawning of monsters.
Academy Visistone 21 [Remnants 21] Some forms of Collapse are said to affect people's minds.
Academy Visistone 22 [Remnants 22] Operating a Remnant wears away at the operator's soul.
Academy Visistone 23 [Remnants 23] The core Remnants of each town are bound by the town's Lord.
Academy Visistone 24 [Remnants 24] The Remnant Elysion is currently unbound.
Academy Visistone 25 [Remnants 25] A lord bound to a core Remnant is said to have a shorter lifespan than the others.
Academy Visistone 26 [Remnants 26] A Remnant's size does not relate to its strength, though the core Remnants have great powers.
Academy Visistone 27 [Remnants 27] It is inferred that all Remnants were created from Elysion.
Academy Visistone 28 [Remnants 28] Remnants constantly emit resonating waves.
Academy Visistone 29 [Remnants 29] Remnants are made from an unknown substance, unaffected by space or time.
Academy Visistone 30 [Remnants 30] An unproven theory suggests that Remnants are a type of life form.
Academy Visistone 31 [The Marshalls 1] The Marshalls were an ancient clan, infamous for their mysterious powers.
Academy Visistone 32 [The Marshalls 2] A Marshall did not need to focus an object to use mystic arts.
Academy Visistone 33 [The Marshalls 3] The Marshalls used magick, an ancient ability that has long been forgotten.
Academy Visistone 34 [The Marshalls 4] The Marshalls were said to have developed many fantastic techniques.
Academy Visistone 35 [The Marshalls 5] The tablet discovered in Marshallton is one of the last surviving relics of the Marshalls' skills.
Academy Visistone 36 [The Marshalls 6] The Marshall tablet holds the power to seal and transform a Remnant into a talisman.
Academy Visistone 37 [The Marshalls 7] While all such transformed Remnants are called talismans, the exact form they take on differ.
Academy Visistone 38 [The Marshalls 8] In the form of a talisman, a Remnant will not trigger a Collapse.
Academy Visistone 39 [The Marshalls 9] A Remnant in talisman form can be used by anyone. It does not need to be bound.
Academy Visistone 40 [The Marshalls 10] The Marshalls disappeared from history with the age of the Imperator.
Academy Visistone 41 [The Third Committee 1] The Third Committee is an Academy organisation that conducts illegal Remnant experiments.
Academy Visistone 42 [The Third Committee 2] Project HN: Development of a man-made Remnant (Hypnos).
Academy Visistone 43 [The Third Committee 3] Project LO: Usage of a flying Remnant for the military (Lob Omen).
Academy Visistone 44 [The Third Committee 4] Project SC: Usage of a giant Remnant for the military.
Academy Visistone 45 [The Third Committee 5] Project BA: Fusion of a Remnant with a mitra. (Bloody Alice)
Academy Visistone 46 [World Races 1] There are four main races in the world: mitra, yama, qsiti, and sovani.
Academy Visistone 47 [World Races 2] It is said that sovani ruled over all of the other races during ancient times.
Academy Visistone 48 [World Races 3] A Marshall has the appearance of a mitra, but no one truly knows what they are.
Academy Visistone 49 [The Fallen 1] A creature once feared as a wrathful god. Records of its existence date back hundreds of years.
Academy Visistone 50 [The Fallen 2] Some say it was created by the world itself as a way to rid itself of Remnants.
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