The Sorcerer is the first healer class. While certainly better suited for the task than the Shaman, this class is still limited to the Adept class level.

Name Effect Requirement

Init AP +5%
Skill [Medic]

INT 29
Expert Sorcerer

Init AP +5%
INT +3%
Skill [Medic]

INT 31
Adept Sorcerer

Init AP +10%
INT +3%
[Remedies] +1
Skill [Medic]

INT 33

How to Obtain:
The only requirement to reach this class is to have Remedies as the highest Mystic skill. If it's not, Magus will be obtained instead.

Upgrade options:
Keeping the high Mystic skill sum, these are the following upgrades:

If the Item/Mystic balance is (re)established/none of the Mystic skills are significant and STR becomes significant, these options are also available:

  • Swashbuckler: highest Weapon Type is Sword, STR35+
  • Samurai: highest Weapon Type is Katana, STR35+
  • Axman: highest Weapon Type is Axe, STR35+
  • Bludgeoner: highest Weapon Type is Mace, STR35+
  • Lancer: highest Weapon Type is Spear, STR35+
  • Runemaiden: highest Weapon Type is Staff, STR35+
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