Solune's Items is located in Balterossa - Spirale Market

New items will be added to the shop as you progress through the game.


Item Price Availability
Herbs Logo Cureleaf 30 -
Herbs Logo Curebulb 150 After Numor Mine
Herbs Logo Restoleaf 250 -
Herbs Logo Restobulb 360 After Numor Mine
Herbs Logo Relaxing Herb 50 -
Herbs Logo Faerie Herb 210 After Numor Mine
Lotions Logo Mineral Water 40 -
Lotions Logo Vitaeroot 30 -
Lotions Logo Mite Mushroom 120 After entering The Catacombs
Explosives Logo Methone Explosive 340 -
Explosives Logo Siarnaq Explosive 520 After Wyrmskeep
Explosives Logo Tethys Explosive 630 After Koenigsdorf
Explosives Logo Leros Explosive 780 After Koenigsdorf
Explosives Logo Titan Explosive 910 After gaining access to the Seventh Path
Explosives Logo Glowroot 80 -
Explosives Logo Venomweed 140 After Wyrmskeep
Explosives Logo Smokeshrub 180 After Wyrmskeep
Explosives Logo Dreamvine 230 After Koenigsdorf
Explosives Logo Acidsprout 360 After Koenigsdorf
Explosives Logo Oort's Cursed Charm 320 After gaining access to the Seventh Path
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