Soldiers can be recruited at the Athlum - Town Square. They don't cost money and you can freely employ and dismiss them.

They won't learn any additional arts apart from the combat ones.

Unemployed soldiers develop over time, getting better attributes and skills.

Tier 8 - Available after WyrmskeepEdit

Mitra - Diberca, Blackbern, Walter, Qsiti - Helcune, Ion, Yama - Thispen, Lyncoth, Rycoris, requires Battle Rank 45 before they appear on recruitment list.

Green = Mitra Yellow = Qsiti Blue = Yama
Name Starting Art(s) Class HP AP Weapon Attribute
Fauwer Power Grip Master Swashbuckler 346 6/35 Elite's Bastardsword Fortune
Shanberg Two-Handed Master Lancer 354 8/48 Elite's Halberd Honesty
Nigel Power Grip Master Axman 296 8/48 Elite's Tabar-Zin Trivia
Shad Herbs Lordly Monk 411 7/36 Daimyo Katana Adamance
Nabal Potions Lordly Monk 465 9/41 Elite's Striker Robustness
Guinn One-Handed, Remedies Cavalier 380 6/37 Elite's Broadsword Literacy
Diberca One-Handed Master Bludgeoner 338 7/33 Warrior's Club Potential
Blackbern Evocations Master Marksman 327 7/39 Warrior's Greatstaff Wiles
Walter Remedies Master Healer 287 8/45 Warrior's Scimitar Daredevil
Ryplen Power Grip Master Bludgeoner 330 8/42 Elite's Mace Handiness
Lameia Lotions Lordly Monk 326 7/30 Elite's Mace Empathy
Silvonne Explosives Lordly Monk 375 7/39 Elite's Hatchet Evasion
Helcune Power Grip, Hexes Druid 326 6/34 Daimyo Wakizashi Hearing
Ion Invocations Master Marauder 266 7/39 Elite's Cudgel Forte
Raptis Power Grip Master Swashbuckler 346 6/35 Warrior's Claymore Trust
Thespos One-Handed Master Bludgeoner 384 9/48 Elite's Sledgehammer Stubbornness
Kevroth Herbs Lordly Monk 465 7/30 Warrior's Bludgeon Second Sight
Thispen Two-Handed Master Lancer 302 6/33 Commander's Trident Militance
Lyncoth Potions Lordly Monk 416 9/43 Sagaris Bellatoris Flexibility
Rycoris Traps Lordly Monk 469 9/41 Daimyo Otachi Laziness

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