Soldiers can be recruited at the Athlum - Town Square. They don't cost money and you can freely employ and dismiss them.

They won't learn any additional arts apart from the combat ones.

Unemployed soldiers develop over time, getting better attributes and skills.

Tier 7 - Available after entering the AqueductsEdit

Mitra - Noah, Gosche, Ted, Qsiti - Payne, Riventina, Yama - Tamulis, Enomus, Cameron, requires Battle Rank 40 before they appear on recruitment list.

Green = Mitra Yellow = Qsiti Blue = Yama
Name Starting Art(s) Class HP AP Weapon Attribute
Thacker One-Handed Bludgeoner 310 8/42 Warrior's Club Counterattack
Neil One-Handed Axman 274 6/35 Commander's Tomahawk Melee
Luke Herbs Adept Monk 421 7/34 Commander's Broadsword Gentility
Singleton Explosives Adept Monk 311 7/36 Warrior's Scimitar Resilience
Beauville One-Handed, Remedies Cavalier 281 6/37 Commander's Rapier Hard-up
Glenn Invocations Marauder 285 6/39 Warrior's Greatstaff Guts
Noah Hexes Druid 326 6/37 Commander's Cudgel Aim
Gosche Lotions Adept Monk 380 9/44 Commander's Striker Spunk
Ted Remedies Healer 242 8/49 Commander's Halberd Anxiety
Adonis Power Grip Samurai 344 6/37 Warrior's Falchion Concentration
Merophus Potions Master Monk 326 8/39 Warrior's Club Eyesight
Carcan Power Grip, Invocations Mysticknight 256 8/44 Commander's Tomahawk Paranoia
Payne Two-Handed, Remedies Cavalier 347 5/29 Commander's Scepter Furtiveness
Riventina Evocations Marksman 310 6/39 Commander's Pike Intuition
Helios Two-Handed Lancer 306 6/35 Commander's Trident Spirit
Porteros Power Grip Swashbuckler 346 6/37 Commander's Bastardsword Energy
Murkbell Traps Adept Monk 386 8/39 Commander's Grandhammer Learning
Tamulis Power Grip Samurai 272 8/47 Samurai Otachi Gustation
Enomos Power Grip, Evocations Master Ranger 294 6/34 Warrior's Claymore Crybaby
Cameron Power Grip, Invocations Master Ranger 287 8/41 Samurai Otachi Support

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