Soldiers can be recruited at the Athlum - Town Square. They don't cost money and you can freely employ and dismiss them.

They won't learn any additional arts apart from the combat ones.

Unemployed soldiers develop over time, getting better attributes and skills.

Tier 6 - Available after the meeting at NagapurEdit

Mitra - Knox, Thoreaus, Maverick, Qsiti - Priamoth, Caris, Yama - Aegus, Capus, Lenneth, requires Battle Rank 34 before they appear on recruitment list.

Green = Mitra Yellow = Qsiti Blue = Yama
Name Starting Art(s) Class HP AP Weapon Attribute
Barney Power Grip Adept Freelancer 286 6/37 Spatha Militaris Energy
Sutherby Herbs Monk 376 6/34 Warrior's Trident Brawn
Parker Power Grip Adept Freelancer 382 6/37 Combat Bludgeon Insatiability
Reaves One-Handed Expert Freelancer 364 6/37 Commander's Broadsword Critical Hit
Lavelle Invocations Expert Magus 323 6/32 Samurai Katana Mystic Style
Kimberly Remedies Adept Sorcerer 304 9/43 Warrior's Tomahawk Remedies
Knox One-Handed Adept Freelancer 282 6/37 Warrior's Rapier Stubbornness
Thoreaus Potions Expert Monk 373 6/29 Commander's Tabar-Zin Robustness
Maverick Hexes Expert Magus 261 6/34 Combat Bludgeon Toughness
Peyton Power Grip Expert Freelancer 385 8/43 Commander's Striker Mace Tech
Arcmane Evocations Expert Magus 260 6/32 Commander's Broadsword Resilience
Texthon Hexes Adept Magus 277 6/37 Commander's Cudgel Staff Tech
Priamoth Potions Freelancer 334 5/29 Combat Scimitar Vigor
Caris Invocations Expert Magus 301 6/36 Samurai Katana Fortune
Glauque Lotions Monk 331 6/32 Combat Harpoon Battle Style
Agipur Hexes Specialist 309 8/43 Samurai Otachi Hexes
Rymedas Invocations Expert Magus 235 6/41 Warrior's Trident Luck
Aegus Two-Handed Freelancer 355 8/40 Commander's Halberd Arts Style
Capus One-Handed Adept Freelancer 306 5/29 Commander's Sledgehammer Honor
Lenneth Evocations Adept Magus 278 6/35 Combat Claymore Ego

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